Are you Kühne + Heitz too?

Hi there!

Do you have the talent to be a trader? Would you feel at home at Kühne + Heitz? Maybe you will find the answers to those questions in this magazine. Look at this like the first introduction to our companies character, our daily practices and most importantly our people.

That first impression is what we find very important, because food trading is specialist, a skill you contain. It is a profession that you cannot be taught at school but one that must be mastered ‘on the job’. At Kühne + Heitz we give our people plenty of space. Space to learn, grow and evolve into a great trader, because for all we know: our people are what make our company.

With success, Kühne + Heitz has been an established name in the international food trading industry for years. We pride ourselves in building great relationships with our suppliers and customers alike, with them appreciating our personal approach. We work hard to maintain this reputation, that we are extremely proud of.

Being a good trader requires more than just a good learning environment. Because this profession must suit you too. It appeals to your intuition and requires sensitivity, tactical insight, and the right timing. Abilities you can be taught, but mostly have to do with your talents. Do you have that kind of ‘traders DNA’? Let’s find out!

~ Jan van den Broek – Director/owner Kühne + Heitz

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